What Would A Science Fair Project Look Like On Water Erosion And How To Prevent It?


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The public library should have a TON of information on the subject. You can create a model that demonstrates how to avoid soil erosion for just a few dollars.

Build a rectangular box - something like the shape of a shoe box only longer and with lower sides. You can construct this box out of wood but if you're not handy with a saw and hammer you could probably get away with cardboard covered in plastic. Put the box on a table and then put something under one end of it so that it has a slope.

Gather a couple of pounds of small rocks, sand and dirt. Make a small pile of dirt in the middle of the box and then slowly pour a pitcher of water in to the elevated end of the box. Watch how the water washes away the dirt - this is water erosion. Dump it out and try it with the sand.

Build a wall with the rocks, behind them pour the sand, and behind the sand put some dirt. Slowly pour in the water and notice how the rocks and sand protect the dirt from erosion.

Total cost of this project: Less than $5 if you look around for the materials. Best of luck to your daughter.

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