The Perimeter Of A Rhombus Whose Big Diagonal Measures 18cm And Small Diagonal Measures 9cm?


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Perimeter of a rhombus=4s(4*side)diagonals intersect at midpoints(o) and they form right angles...BC^2=BO^2+CO^2        =9^2+18^2        =81+324        =405BC=√405cms(can do further simplification)          
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The diagonals of a rhombus intersect each other at their midpoints and cross at right angles. Thus, we can use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the length of one side.

(side) = √((18 cm/2)^2 + (9 cm/2)^2)
  = (9/2 cm)√(2^2 + 1^2)
  = (9/2 cm)√5

The perimeter is the sum of the lengths of the 4 equal sides, so it will be
perimeter = 4*(9/2)√5 cm = 18√5 cm

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