What Are The Kinds Of Literature According To Form?


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There are two main forms of literature, these are:
  • • Poetry
  • • Prose
The major difference between the two forms is that prose always applies the correct grammar and is structured in a way that makes it easy to read. Poetry does not follow a specific structure, and can often take the form of free verse, that ignores traditional elements.
The two forms have sub-forms that are applicable to them. Forms of prose literature include:
  • Essays
  • Drama
  • Science
  • Philosophy
  • Law
Essays take the form of prose as they are written in a certain way that enables the person reading them to do so in a methodical way. Essays are normally written in such a way that the subject matter flows without the reader needing to re-read them. They are often interspersed with quotes, and these are referenced at the end of the essay, in a bibliography.
Drama is classed as prose, although it can contain elements of poetry, when in the form of plays.
Science, Philosophy and Law are types of prose, as they are written in a factual context, and again the flow is such that the reader is able to distinguish different elements form others.
Types of poetry are:
  • Free verse
  • Rhyming
Rhyming poetry is the most traditional, and is thought to be the oldest form of literature.

Free verse does not necessarily rhyme and, as such, some critics of poetry frown upon it.

Poetry is more open to interpretation by the reader than prose, and, as such, is classed as a more emotive form of literature.

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