What Are The Two Classification Of Literature?


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Poetry and prose are the two main classifications of literature which are known and which are described. There are many different works of literature which fall into both of the categories and they are clear to define from one another.

· Poetry

This is literature which is written in verse. They have many different meanings and themes which make them popular and ensure that they are going to fit the criteria which are in place. Within poetry there are many different examples of the writing which have become very popular over the years and throughout history.

Many famous writers wrote poetry and you will find that you will study the subject in school to ensure that you have a clear understanding of it as much as possible.

· Prose

This literature is much more formal and includes that which is on the subject of science and law. You can easily define between this and poetry as they are clearly different and there are no similarities at all.

If you are studying the two subjects you are going to be aware that there are many different writers who thrive within the different classifications and you are going to have a classification which is going to appeal to you more than the other as this is only natural.

There are going to be many examples on the internet of the different classifications and genres that you may be interested in. You can be sure that you are going to be able to find many different examples when you do a quick and simple search on the internet. You may find examples which you have never seen or ready before but that you are going to think are better than some others.

On the internet you can always discover new writing and new authors which are going to be able to improve your confidence in the subject even more so than it is already.

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