What Are The Classifications Of Literature?


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The Library of Congress recognizes linguistics, biographies, autobiographies, letters, diaries, essays, satire, folklore, prose, drama, poetry, juvenile literature, children's literature, scientific works, technological works, theology, musical literature, arts literature, social literature, political literature, wit and humor, and historical works as classifications of literature. Certain institutions choose to include newspapers, magazines, and certain online publishing as works of literature.

Other institutions even narrow the sub-classifications of literature down by language, place of origin, and/or time period. Children's literature is classified somewhat differently.  Some places narrow classifications down to fiction and non-fiction. Most libraries at least recognize the sub-classifications of non-fiction literature to include historical works, biographies, and autobiographies. Most at least recognize sub-classifications of fiction as drama, poetry/prose, satire, and folklore. It is sometimes difficult to determine if theology is classified as fiction or non-fiction literature. Ultimately, it is up to the institution housing the literature to determine how many classifications they wish to implement.

Most libraries use the Dewey decimal system to classify their books. The classifications of literature are represented by a letter or combination of letters. It is then followed by the year in which the book was published. After this, the book is given a series of numbers that is unique to the book and its institution. Most books have a bar code with this unique number that can be scanned. This allows the collection of books to be organized so that each publication can be easily found.

Most libraries are divided into sections based on classification categories. It is easy to ask about a library's classifications for its literature by visiting the library or by researching online. Most books that are in a library's collection can be located on the library's website. Some books can even been viewed and researched in their entirety on the library's website.
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Prose, poetry are types of genres..they are not the classification of literature..

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