Few Persons? Or Few People?


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karin bernal answered
The correct way is "few people". For example, "few people have the English version."

a person
one person
two people

So, yes the singular is person and plural is people.

I don't know where the saying of "person or persons unknown" came from, maybe from police records. It is a word/s that has evolved into being and has become acceptable. (like lol).

"Fishes" is used in the scientific communities to mean: More than one kind. Fish = same species Fishes = different species

"Old" words are evolving into new words very rapidly in this day and age and the English language is experiencing major changes because of the computer age.
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I have often heard the term ,looking for person or persons unknown. In English there are examples where words can be both used as singular or plural. Eg fish can describe one or many, yet the word fishes exists to describe many, and both examples are doing words to mean angle.

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