What Is The Importance Of Paragraphing?


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Paragraphing is a convenient device for organizing ideas on the page.  It allows the reader (and the writer) to organize a set of ideas or relationships in a coherent and separate unit of text, thereby making it easier for the eye to follow and for the argument to be expressed.Consider paragraphs as the logical extension of sentences.  Whereas a sentence generally conveys a single action, thought, or idea, a paragraph organizes sentences to convey a progressive or unfolding series of actions, thoughts, or ideas.For instance:Use a paragraph to narrate a series of events. (The man walked across the street. Crossing the street he was hit by a car. The car swerved to the side and hit a fire hydrant. The hospital was poorly staffed and the doctors were absent.)  The last sentence belongs in a new paragraph because it relates to a new location, discusses a new subject, and implies a lapse of time.

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