What Are The Aims And Objectives Of Primark?


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To provide good quality products for the public; we want the public to realise we are a good company and just because our products are cheap, it doesn't mean that they are rubbish. We will achieve this by having our products made by people that know what they are doing and test them to check that they are good quality.

To sell goods at reasonable prices; We want the public to have a wide range of options to them, so we offer them good quality products at reasonable prices; This will be achieved by looking at other stores, selling similar products, and making our prices lower than other places.

To be friendly and helpful towards customers and staff; The public need to think that we are a friendly company; this will make them want to come to our store if they feel welcome. We will achieve this by greeting customers as soon as possible and making them feel welcomed.

To treat everybody the same; The public need to feel like we treat everybody the same. The people with less money will be treated the same as people that have lots of money. This will be achieved by making everyone in the store feel individual; we will make everyone feel like they are 'special'.

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