Can You Give Me An Oratorical Piece?


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Yes, do not allow anyone to change the words of the Holy Bible.

The Bible is inspired by God but peoples opinions twists God's words OUT OF CONTEXT into their own opinion and what they WANT IT TO SAY.

The Bible means exactly what it says.

EXAMPLE: When Jesus told you to HATE the members of your household in Luke 14:26, it means to HATE them but SATAN'S children who you can not detect until you are chosen into God's adopted family will twist God's inspired words into what they want you to believe but not the TRUTH. SATAN is the father of LIARS as Jesus states in John 8:44.

Another EXAMPLE is Acts 7:47- 48 & 17:24 that tells YOU that GOD DOES NOT DWELL OR LIVE IN CRAFTED TEMPLES but that is probably what you DON'T WANT to believe so YOU believe the children of SATAN that hold meetings in them and declare that the spirit of SATAN that dwells in them is the Spirit of God which is BLASPHEMING the Holy Spirit and is not forgivable in this age or the age to come according to Jesus Christ in Matthew 12:32.

Luke 6:20 ''Blessed are the POOR, their's is the kingdom of God.

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