Can You Give Me An Example Of Thesis?


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Think of it more as a simple process involving a truly profound statement, and then a bunch of information that explains why the statement is indeed profound.

If you were having a conversation with someone, and you told them that you once traveled to Saudi Arabia, and then they told you that they didn't believe you, what would you do? If you really felt that you needed ensure that they knew the truth, you would come up with as much information as you could to support the initial statement and prove that you really did visit Saudi Arabia.

A thesis is not much different. You introduce a single declaration regarding something that is particularly meaningful, and then you provide all of the facts and data that you possibly can to support the statement. It's kind of like debating with yourself inside your head. Why is this meaningful? It's meaningful because...

If you just make sure that your logic is concise and your analysis is spot-on, you can't lose.

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