Can you give me examples of thesis title about common problems of the students?


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The theoretical framework of a thesis is normally the most difficult aspect of the work in hand. Many students struggle with this because they don't see the relevance of it. In fact, the theoretical framework can actually help students to mould the thesis to suit their needs, by setting out clear chapter headings, what statistics will be needed and what references will be used. The theoretical framework should act as a list of things to do.

The most common problem when writing a thesis is getting started. Many students delay starting until the deadline is looming, and this adds extra pressure to produce a decent piece of work, and to actually complete the thesis before the deadline.

When writing a thesis the first draft should be started within a few days of receiving the paper. This is beneficial not only because it leaves more time to clean up unwanted items, and to add items that may have been forgotten about, but the subject matter, once decided upon, will still be fresh and relevant to the student.

Another common issue with getting the thesis written is that many students are perfectionists and have expectations that are unrealistic. Subject matter should be kept simple and relevant and should always, if possible, be written around a subject that the student is familiar and comfortable with.

If the thesis is begun early, the likelihood of further problems reduce. Other problems students come across include breakdown of relationships, and the lack of energy to do anything else because of the amount of work being put into the piece of work. Expectations of others also have a bearing on how the student copes with the pressure. If a student is having issues writing a thesis they should always seek assistance from student counselling as soon as possible.

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