How To Find The Product Using The Break Apart Method In Multiplication?


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The Break Apart method in multiplication is a strategy designed to help work out a multiplication problem quickly and efficiently. It is a commonly used method to finding the answer to any mathematical multiplication equation.
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Multiplying by the Break Apart method is extremely useful for answering multiplication problems that feature numbers with 2 or more figures. It is sometimes called the Distributive Property of Multiplication. Mathematicians commonly explain it as multiplying each number that is, in turn, added by the number. The product of both of these numbers are then multiplied. It can be confusing explaining  the method, therefore a visual example is given below.

The Break Apart method is adopted when one or more of the digits in the problem consist of two numbers or more. It is usually taught to students as young as 7 or 8 in schools. The younger a student is taught the Break Apart multiplication method, the easier they will be able to grasp the concept of dealing with larger numbers. The Break Apart method demonstrates that there is more than one way of solving  a maths problem.

An example is fairly easy to demonstrate. To multiply 24 and 3, break apart the 24 into 20 and 4, which are simpler to multiply by 3, and then work it out. Therefore, the sum would be 24*3x = (20+4)*3 = 20*4 + 4*3 = 60 + 12 = 72. This can be used for numbers consisting of any amount of digits. It is highly regarded as one of the easiest methods to answer a multiplication problem.
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It means to turn your number into a product of prime factors.If your number was 12, you know that 12 is equal to 3*4, but 4 is not a prime number. 4 is equal to 2*2 and we still have the 3 so 12 is equal to 2*2*3. If our number was 195 then your answer would be 3*5*13

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