Why Is It Important To Evaluate Learning Activities?


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It is important to evaluate learning activities for the following reasons:

  • To see what is working and what needs removing or changing
  • To assess how the activities are being delivered and how they could be improved
  • To see how the activities are being received by the participants
Evaluating is a great way to really get the raw facts of whether something is succeeding or may need changing. Therefore if you spend time going through the learning activities and seeing how students have responded to a certain task or question, it can really help re-shape it for future classes.

If students whizzed through the activity and then looked rather bored then it would be obvious that the task was a bit too easy and not really suitable or beneficial for that group. Therefore you would need to try and make it more engaging and stimulating, perhaps by making it more difficult or time-consuming so the students really have to work to complete it.

If the activities are taking longer than expected and you can see that the participants are really struggling with the concept, or with trying to come up with the solution, things again would need to be addressed.

Without evaluation the learning activities would be rather rigid and any flaws would never be truly addressed - this could be very detrimental to the whole process. Therefore evaluating the activities and improving based on your findings will help the program and students move forward and have the best possible learning experience.

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