What Type Of Science Fair Projects Are Their On Fish?


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I searched the interent and found these things:
Does the amount of room fish have affect their growth time?
Which Goldfish Food Brand has the biggest impact on the fishes’ growth?
Do fish have certain reactions to different types of music?
If Goldfish are left in the dark, will they lost their color?
What is a Goldfish’s reaction to seeing itself in the mirror?
How do Goldfish react to different habitats?
How do Goldfish respond to different temperatures?
What’s the average amount of food a Gold Fish should have to have proper growth?
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Does holding a mirror in front of a fish change what a fish does? How does the science fair project sound to you? Or you can also have the project on the different fish habits. See for yourself and find more information on the link below:
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I need a poster on fish

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