How Do I Prepare My 3 1/2 Year Old For Preschool?


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Somethings I teach my child, is colors, counting, counting by 2s and 3s as well, and how to color in between the lines. How to use glue sticks and glue things to paper, I created a teaching DVD, of pictures and numbers and letters to teach my child. I even did a video of my self teaching and let my child watch that as well. He also knows how to spell basic words, dog, cat, he can spell his own name. A few tips: The best way to teach colors is putting cars lined up for them to see the same color cars, or blocks, teaching my child to count he counts to 30, I taught him this by allowing him to jump off a small step (plastic bin) in the living room, he would get to jump off on (30) and then I would clap and tell him good job, we of course started off at (10) he got to jump off, now we are up to 30, I taught him 2's and 3's the same way.. But for  while he was a little mixed up with his numbers but it all came together.  As far as teaching him to write his name, I would draw his name and let him color it, and teach him each letter, I've done the same thing with his alphabet.. Singing and making up songs have been helpful. We count body parts and name each one, its a blast to see the him mature and learn.
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First you need to create awareness about the benefits of education. You have to give the kid incentives to start the school. You must teach the kid at home and persuade him to do good in studies to become a better individual. You should also admit him in the school which provides good healthy environment that inspires the kid. You need to handle the kid according to his psyche. You know better what kind of things he like and how you can convince him best. So follow the guidelines.
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My little boy just turned 3 last month. My mother in-law keeps him on a daily basis while my husband and I work. She also babysits other children. Everyday she says the ABC's with them...and counts to 10. So now he knows them. That is one way. I also go over his colors with him everyday so he knows most of his colors. Good luck
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Socializing before pre-school is really the key: don't be afraid to let your child interact with others, both adults and children, so that they develop the skills of how to interact and communicate effectively. This time My kids are in Maple Bear and they are enjoying their pre education. For more information about Maple Bear, visit:

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You work with them with there language and eye hand coordination and you need to work with them on their writing. Don't be worried!
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Hi mel82,

I'm glad to hear that your son is ready for school! This is such an exciting time! It will be bittersweet for you as a parent and there may be some tears (maybe from both of you), but I think you will both enjoy it!

Before your son goes to school (or day care), I would be sure that he knows his full name, address and telephone number, mom and dad's names and grandma and grandpas names and telephone number. I would also be sure he knows how to use 9-1-1, just in case. I would also be sure he knows what a "bad touch" is and that he can and should tell you everything that goes on when he's away.

We didn't have many children on our block when we moved here 21 years ago, so our daughter was quite anxious to go to school so she could have "little people" (no disrespect intended) to play with instead of just us "big people" all the time, so we had a very easy transition from being home all day with mom to half a day at day care three or four days a week to kindergarten every day simply because there were children to play with and things to learn! As a matter of fact, most of the time when I went to pick our daughter up she would be very upset with me and was begging to stay. Go figure!

Good luck and please keep us posted.

Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful holiday!

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