How Can I Improve My Learning Skills?


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Just try to attend the classes if you are in college.
Listen the lessons and observe the points ,which comes from lecturers mouth.
At the time of travelling,bathing,eating just recall the points, which you have studied.
If you lack in the skills of learning
'don't be with the books'
just come out from the books
record the lessons in the audio tape in your voice
and just listen when you are free
this process will send the points in your memory
it wont make you to forget
all you have to do is make a concentration on listening
don't say I am also lack in concentration
If you think you can
definitely you can
all the best for your future plan.
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Learning skill is mainly depend upon the concentration of urs .the concentration is the main fact behind anyone success in their feild, in the education feild we would have concentration.and you have to  need interest on the perticular subject .if you feel good you can study easily because of you interested in that ,so make you mind free ,when you sitting for you r studies that is only thing you can do...all others all you r skills,which god given to you only ...
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Relax and study for two hrs a day dividing time for each subject

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