How To Improve Creative Writing Skills In English?


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One of the best ways to improve your creative writing skills is to read a lot. Reading is one of the key elements to developing those skills that will help you enhance your creative writing potential. To be able to write creatively, you have to be able to let your imagination soar. To be able to pen down the thoughts that come out of a soaring mind is the key to good creative writing. To this end, reading helps in that it exposes you to various topics and styles of writing. Each writer has a personal style, and reading up on the masters' works, as well as the works of contemporary renowned authors allows your mind to be 'influenced' by some of these styles. These influences, when channeled positively, appear in glimpses within your own writings.

Reading also helps you to learn new thoughts and ideas, and increases your learning experience. You feel that much more learned and confident to be able to present your own thoughts in a creative and original manner.

Besides reading, the other way to improve your creative writing skills is to observe life as it happens day by day, and practice writing down, in a descriptive manner, the different things you see in a day. This will help you to let your mind roam over all the different things you see, and write creative material based on these experiences.
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For beginners ------ grade the exercises from simple to complex,
  get the students interested in the task,
  provide visual clues
  give concrete guidelines,
  simplify  the task by breaking down into smaller steps
  show the students an idealised version of the finished task
  give a lot of positive reinforcements
  "I'll do a little you do more"   meera
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The best way is to read,or ask for help. Use words that make everything seem more interesting and put the reader or yourself into the story,make them see the setting for example "It was a foggy october morning. I woke up around seven from strange noises in the kitchen. After a while I decided to see what was in there when suddenly,A giant mouse ran across my toes! Then out of the fog appeared an old women dressed in rags,she told me not to scream but I was scared." See,mix it up a little bit! It sounds much better compared to this "it was a day and I woke up. I heard a noise in the room over there. I went in and a thing ran across the room.Then a person told me to shut up but it was weird yea" same story just not as exciting,get it? Try to feel interested in the story instead of no connection. The reader may get bored if you don't make it interesting. I've seen people fall asleep during somebody's story because it was so boring!! So tips 1.make it interesting 2. Don't run on and on 3. Stay connected to the story 4. Have fun. Best of luck to you! As you can tell I personally love creative creative so have fun with it
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Read story books
watch movie
make dreams
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Dare to Daydream and let you mind go off on tangents. Follow the ones that seem interesting to you. You WILL find similarities to what you KNOW about from life, reading, movies and television, but don't let that deter you from dreaming outside of what you know. You can always gain additional knowledge based on the direction you find yourself moving to.

Now, putting those ideas onto paper . . Well that is a bit different and a few classes may help with organizing thoughts and creating outlines, character development and chronological order to your story parts.

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