How to improve the reading skills of students?


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Ask him/her to read some interesting stories books because it will help to develop the reading interest and after that try to read some good novels to improve the reading skills as well as vocabulary.

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Leesa:  Good answer.  You do need to consider the existing reading level when choosing the reading material.  Also (at least it helped me) is to keep a notebook handy and write down each word or reference that you don't know.  My 6th grade teacher claimed that if the book had no unfamiliar words it was too easy for you. 

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For me, you just need to read and read. Until you can be good at reading

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Encourage your students to read selected material and then discuss it in relation to other books, movies, news items, or TV shows. Have your students make the comparison: What did they like about how each format portrayed the topic? How would they have changed a format to better match the topic? What was the message the writers intended the reader/observer to get from the material? Being able to connect what has been read to something else in their lives helps students think abstractly about the material.

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