Should I read short stories first or long stories first in order for me to improve my reading comprehension skills and my reading critical skills?


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Go to the library and find a book that has been analysed. Read the book first, write down your conclusions, then read the analysis and see how it compares to your conclusions. Note how much you missed. Then try again.

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Rule of thumb: Read whatever you ENJOY. The more you read the more you will improve. If you don't enjoy the stories, books, magazines, news reports, even comics you read, it will become a chore. You'll learn more quickly if it's fun to do.

Keep a dictionary nearby.

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If you'd spelt it dickshonary she probably wouldn't have. No, I don't remember that one, Happy.
I thought I was going to get into trouble yesterday when somebody asked a question about a woman kissing before the first date and, after lots of very "nice" answers who thought that she was virtually a tart if she'd do that, I said it was silly to look a gift whorse in the mouth.
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Great minds! I could read by the time I was 6 -- nursery rhymes, fairy stories, Peppo the Pony (yep, I still remember that one -- he thought the grass was greener beyond his paddock) then progressed on to English soccer comics, westerns, Biggles, and then it just took off.
I'm all in favour of reading for pleasure. The education follows of its own accord.

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