How Can I Improve My English Knowledge Both In Speaking And Writing?


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I have lot of ideas to speak but I cannot express myself.what should I do to improve my knowledge?
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How can I improve my english ? In speaking and writing, and also I am having a lot of spelling mistake in my writing how to avoid this.
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If your basic English grammar are not proper so how you can improve your knowledge, So please try to improve your basic English grammar then you can improve your English knowledge both In speaking and writing.
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Reading newspapers, magazines, English stories, watching movies, listening to the BBC and CNN and even having a chat in different chat rooms are few of the techniques used nowadays. But there are different solutions for distinctive problems. Improving knowledge in writing a language is a different task and improving at spoken language is a different story.

As far as written language is concerned, good and healthy reading is essential for good writing. You can never improve at writing unless, you read some good writers. Before moving on with my argument, I would like to make one thing very clear that language learning is a slow process that works at an unconscious level. When you read good material written with good vocabulary and in a good style, you will start following the same kind of writing unconsciously.

But you must keep one thing in mind, always read whatever you want to read. Don't push yourself into reading what you are not interested in. If you will compel yourself to read unwillingly, you will lose interest in reading and you will ultimately quit reading. So, read only those articles or stories that strike to your mind.
Regarding spoken language, one thing is very important and that is your medium of thinking. As I have already mentioned that language learning is a slow process and works at an unconscious level. So, the language in which you think is very important. Mostly the foreign speakers of English think in their native language and then translate it into English. In this way, your mind has to do double work. You must think in the language you are going to speak. A question takes place in mind how we can put limits to our thinking, as we cannot enforce our mind to think in one particular language. the solution for this problem is very simple: start talking with yourself in English. Make small sentences and talk to yourself. For example, if you are driving, you can say to yourself "there are a lot of cars moving on the road today. People seem to be in a hurry." Or things like that.

Lastly, practice is very much essential for improvement of both written and spoken English. It is only and only through practice that you can perfect yourself. You must write n you must speak if you really want to improve.
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You can improve english talking by reading story books.another option is to talk continuously with friend , family, on work in english
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You should listen to English. At this step they would be able to speak English at ease. This will work with pronunciation of words and flow of language you have learned.
Useless things. Instead you can give time to your friends and others who are adept in English. They will obviously talk to you in English. You would not feel shy before them you may err many time but
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Regardless of the fact who you are or where you are every individual need an efficient communication skills.
When writing remember once you start you have to face a number of challenges that include grammar, punctuations, even the writing style and the actual wordings.
We are lucky enough to have such technical tools with us nowadays that helps us correct grammar and misspelled words while writing proposals, memos, letters, etc.
Perhaps the most important factor is to go through whatever you have written before handing it over to anybody else. Even if you are quite sure that it is exactly what you wanted to write, do read it again. This is in case people might misinterpret what you have written.
Pay attention to the grammar and spell checks by your computer. But don't have total faith on computer. Do use thesaurus or dictionary (online)
While checking you're written document make sure it is complete and concise, can you cut down any number of words used? Is documentation well organized? Does each idea proceed logically to the next? Make sure the document is easy to read and convey the required information.

Remember once you communicate orally you cannot reverse the action. Means that words of mouth are never erased like we erase them in writing.

Some of the basic tips to remember are:
1-Avoid slang words
2-Stage of fright should be overcome
3-Do speak slowly and calmly not very fast so that the other person cannot get what you are saying
4- Try to be very relevant to the context in which you are speaking
5- You should have a good grip over the subject
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In my point of view,first you enhance your word power in english & then try to speak something,its may wrong but  you realise you imorove your talking style at two,three months.
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A person can nonetheless improve his English writing and speaking skills by understanding that languages are arts and not science that you can apply formula & get the correct answer. Art is learned in heart and not in mind. Even though the mind keeps it locked up for future references.

Let us try the writing skills dilemma first. Writing has never been an easy tasks, not even for writers nor journalist who might write daily. Of course they improved over the time period but even if English is your mother tongue you will still have considerable difficulties & loss of words as I feel right now.

Writing should be taken into account on the basis of your vocabulary & sentences with grammatical errors. Read a few articles from the news paper and the internet and write a same column or paragraph as you see it fit. Ask some one in your house to read it and see if it was notable. Then try again and see if you can improve yourself. Always keep a dictionary with you or if you use a computer to type, use synonym tools. Write another article a few days later and give to a friend after you think you have improved. Then try a group and then something professional.

In your speaking skill try o read a paragraph and remember it (not word by word). Say or repeat the words with yourself and try saying it in front of the mirror with eye contact. Speaking skills are much more difficult. You will have dreams after the first 2-5 times of practice. Hen you can try it in front of a small group when you feel confident.
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All and sundry wants to improve his/her English in one way or the other. Learning English is a three steps process. First, you are supposed to learn English by reading English books and other stuff that is available. Then you should consider each and every word worthy and should seek for their meanings. Next step is to write English, you should write essay, dictation, articles, etc. last step is to speak English. At this step they would be able to speak English at ease. This will work with pronunciation of words and flow of language you have learned.
You should listen to English channels. You should go for reading very good books of English. It is better to avoid poor English stuff. You should go for good stuff so you could not learn useless things. Instead you can give time to your friends and others who are adept in English. They will obviously talk to you in English. You would not feel shy before them. You may err many times but it will be okay as your dudes would be there to edit you poor English stuff. All the best!
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Most of us have nice speaking power as far as English is concerned. And some of us do have a great knowledge about proper written English . And most of us know both. So in order to improve your English skills, what should be done is one should read as much as possible. Try reading newspapers, articles, novels which interest you. In this way you can increase your knowledge as well as your English speaking power. Once started reading you will get to know how to pronounce words and where to use them. You will get the knowledge of knowing different words. And in this way you can also find the meanings of various words you read per day.

As for writing skill all you need to do is concentrate on your sentences, your tenses , your grammar mistakes can be done right if you make mistakes, one can only learn if he is welcome to mistakes and the urge of knowing more and more. Once you start reading, you will slowly understand the proper tenses, like was, is, are, were, when was past n future. Further more you can practice from grammar books which have proper sentences which can be done. Exercises are given.
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Everybody should take some step to increase their writing and speaking skill in english. These are as follows:
Read english article, news paper, and story everyday
write something regularly
know at least one new word per day
try to speak english with someone everyday
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To be able to answer this question, I presume that you wish to improve from a basic to intermediate level. Because no matter how good you are at English language, there will be always some thing that you won't know.

Therefore if you are a beginner then there are a lot of ways to improve your writing and speaking skills for English language. However the process is slow and steady as there is no such thing as "Learn English in 1 day".

The best method is to read and speak. Read Fiction or non-fiction. What ever it may be, that is the best method, to make books your friend and make reading a habit and before long you will surprise your own self.

Speaking English can be much easier than writing. Living in an English environment can help matters. Speaking daily and continuously can improve your spoken English dramatically. However speaking English doesn't mean you can write without reading.

Vocabulary and grammar are two things that are required in English language to be able to describe affectively while writing. Without one, you can't write an article and if you do you should not expect some one to be able to understand it except that you verbally explain it.

Reading can not only increase your vocabulary, it will also teach you the grammar involved in English to describe the tense of sentence, the placement, etc.

Therefore if you wish to improve writing skills then read a lot, as much as you can and much diverse articles you can and if you get stuck some where, there is always dictionary to help you. If you wish to improve your spoken English then talk, you may not be able to explain every thing at the beginning but before long you will more than handy to make a speech all on your own!
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You should watch english movie from hbo or star these channel convesation are under screen
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I took 3 semester English classes in California at MJC college, in Modesto.
Then I went to Cosmetology school for 1 year to get the Cosmetology licence , I worked different places as receptionist in dental office, hair dresser, and now at front desk in university, but I would like to speak fluently in common English slang, or ever when I heard different accent in language like African American accent it is hard to me to understand,so at that time, the speaker is thinking that may be I am Dom! It makes me crazy and I lose my self confidence when they laughing at me, or looking at me , I know what  they are thinking about me , but I have55 years old and I know 2 more languages, and I do like to speak like native American, the other thing that I supposed to tell you is I am living in United State for 8 Years!! Please guide me what exact book should I read to improve an English conversation.
Thank You so much.
MY e-mail
[email protected]
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Like in all things in life, practice makes perfect. Read, note down new words and expressions. If you find any sentence that you find interesting or funny. Write it in your note book and try to reuse in your own writing.

Write a lot and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Read through your writing to correct mistakes. Keep writing and correcting. Once you feel confident with your writing you can sign up to be a freelance writer here

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You must join any english lessons for beginners, so it will be very helpful for speaking and writing both. I am impressed with suggestions of other person as well here.

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