I'm Vietnamese, I Have Some Problem With Listening And Speaking English, So How Can I Improve My English?


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Vietnamese and English have very different pronunciation systems, so you will probably need to practise the individual sounds of English (there are 44 in all.) You can get a book + CD like "Ship or Sheep" and listen and repeat a different sound every day - it's a bit boring, but after a few weeks you will notice an improvement.

The best thing is to practise with a native speaker. If you can't, watching DVDs with subtitles will help, and BBC/ CNN news if you can get it (if you video a TV programme, you can watch it slowly and it will be easier to understand.) You can also practise with songs - a lot of lyrics can be downloaded.

You could also try speaking onto a tape, listening to yourself and comparing it with native speakers. For this, it's really good if you can find a teacher or good speaker to help you. The most important thing is to try to enjoy it - choose films, tapes etc that you can enjoy, and if you get a chance to practise conversation, enjoy the conversation and don't worry about correct grammar (yet.) Good luck!
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You could also try the website of the British Council and look at the section for Vietnam.

The British Council offers a variety of opportunities in English for International Communication and English for Business Communication. It also has a section on how to get qualified with UK exams. The English for International Communication is aimed at students of all levels and abilities and covers grammar and pronunciation along with general communication skills.

I don't know how much courses cost but it might be worth your while checking the website.
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Yes I do have the problem to speaking with listening

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