Why Don't People Like Homework?


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emma loveees youuu xo Profile
Because we've already done a bunch of f*****g stupid work in school for about 6-7 hours, and then we have to waste more time doing work when we go home, when we could be having a good time and enjoying our lives!! (no anger intended for you there, dont worry mate) lol :)
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brandons girl answered
Because some people don't want to learn laugh out loud .
look at my pict hhnoon Profile
It may be difficult
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Anonymous answered
I think it's because it cuts into their social life and free time they have when they finally get home from school.
Christian Lariza Profile
This would probably be because of homework are boring and probably because I think 99.9% of teens now would die if they do not have time for playing games in the computer. =D

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