How To Improve My Language Proficiency In English?


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English is widely regarded as one of the most difficult languages to master but it is also one of the most useful and spoken languages in the world. Therefore if you want to get ahead in international business, or you simply want to be able travel the world speaking this universal language, you will need to improve your proficiency in English. There are a number of different ways that you can improve your English proficiency. Reading is undoubtedly the best way to improve your English language skills. The important thing to remember when you are picking out your literature whether it is a book, newspaper or magazine, is to pick something that is on your level of understanding. There is no point in overstretching yourself too soon as you may well lose interest. You will have absolutely no problem finding some excellent English grammar books that will not only help you to improve your proficiency but also your ability to string together sentences. Whenever you come across any words that you are unsure of pick up a dictionary and absorb the meaning, this will really help to speed up your learning. Engaging in conversation with English speakers is a fantastic way to improve your skills; this is especially useful if you have friends or family that can point out any errors that you may be making. It may sound strange but watching television can actually be a great help to your English proficiency. There are a number of interesting television programs and they can be a great way to listen to the correct way that words should be pronounced so that you can then practise them yourself.

If you want to improve your English vocabulary, there are a number of ways you can do so.

The best way to improve your knowledge of the English language is to get out there and interact with people.
Sure, you could also sit there reading a dictionary too- but how much of that is going to sink in?

How to improve your English vocabulary Some of the foreign children that attend my daughter's school sign up for after-school classes to improve their language skills. During the school day they are also offered an hour-long class called ESL (English as a Second Language).

Maybe you can do the same. Find out if there are any extra-curricular classes you can attend.
From what I hear on the internet, they are popular in lots of different countries, and the kind of people that attend them range from businessmen through to students.

Picking up some vocabulary words Surrounding yourself by English speaking people will force you to pick up English words to express yourself, and is a great way to learn English vocabulary.
If you're not keen on that method- you could always try one of the following:

  • Make a daily habit of looking for complicated words every day. Search for their meanings.
  • Reading books will also help you become more familiar with certain words.
  • Whilst reading, if you encounter a complex term that you can't understand, don't skip it!
Instead, you can use a dictionary to look up the meaning of the word that you encountered.
Later, you can practice applying it in a conversation or in writing

Learning a new word or two every day will make you more confident to engage in conversations!

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There are a number of ways every person can improve his/her language skills. Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, learning is a part of life.

Here are some tips to help improve your English:

1) Reading - Spend time in reading. Whether it is books, magazines, or newspaper, reading is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary, and understanding of the language. Choose a book that meets your level of understanding of the language. Gradually, you can move on to more difficult ones as your English improves. Also, if you need to improve your basics, there are many grammar books that teach you how to make sentences etc. If you come across some words you don't know the meaning of, be sure to look them up in the dictionary.

2) Watch TV - Watching documentaries, sitcoms can help you improve your English. Pay special attention to how they speak.

3) Speak out loud, in front of the mirror or maybe with a friend or sister. This will improve your speaking skills and boast your confidence.

5) Try writing small essays, stories, or paragraphs on a regular basis. You may want to get it checked by a trusting individual who can provide positive criticism as to where improvements can be made.

4) Lastly there are some good websites that can teach you English for free. Be sure to search some up in Google and find one that meets your needs.

Hope this helps, and best of luck.
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English is considered to be one of the difficult languages of the world. However it's never been impossible for non-natives to get a masterly command over it. As far as my personal efforts, which I count to be not fruitless, are concerned, I can recommend you a few things that'll surely let you have at least a sense of English, if not a proficient spoken power:
1. First of all, come in contact with those who are in contact with literary or spoken English. Keep aside all shyness and hesitation and speak whatever comes out of your mouth. They'll surely criticize you and you have to……….. lend an ear, yes, lend an ear to it, because right here begins your actual training. Try to do what they ask. Criticism won't be necessarily positive. But you've to be necessarily positive.
2. Never be afraid when you fail to pick the advice given. On the grounds of my personal observation, I can assert that the people, who take some time in reconciling their hitherto unbound powers with new assignments, come out to have a better sense of the task. This is perhaps because of the mental work out that they do in the time taken and have a chance to make the new concepts subside calmly as a part of their general repertoire.
3. A new language cannot be learned in the twinkle of an eye. So be consistent and determined.
4. To increase your vocabulary, surf the Internet, read local and international journals of your choice in English, listen to news over the radio, watch television especially talk shows. But keep in mind that a good vocabulary does not guarantee a good spoken ability. In order to get something fruitful out of it, you'll have to resort to our first suggestion.
5. Try; try; try again, till you succeed.
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If English is your 2nd language (foreign language) then speaking will be more completed than listening for you even then you have to be a good listener as well, in order to be a good speaker. Speaking fluency depends on your ability to understand English being spoken. However, for being a good speaker you should be proficient in the "Choice of Language and Vocabulary". You should have a grip over vocabulary. For this purpose consult dictionary and read newspaper everyday and underline the new vocabulary and make a notebook to note these word with their complete description i.e. Meaning, grammatical function, synonym and antonym of that word. If you make one or two common sentences of this word then it will be more helpful in using that sentence in you everyday life. "Knowledge of good Pronunciation" is also necessary for you to improve your speaking skills. For this purpose you have to listen to BBC news, dialogues of English speaking people and also watch English movies. It will provide you with good speaking skill. It would be better if you read the books on Phonetics and Phonology. There are also some audio visual cassettes and CDs in the market for improving this area of communication. You should have also the command over grammatical rules. There are certain features of connected speech which will help you in linking the words to each other while speaking.  Being fluent is not the quality of a good speaker because sometimes it creates problems for the listener so you should be careful about the pauses and fillers in your speech to be a good speaker.
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Read newspapers, magazines, books in english.
Watch films, News ,..., in English
write diary, journal, stories,..., in English
communicate with native speakers
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The best way to develop english fluency is to read as much as you can and out loud. This will not only improve your reading skills but also your fluency. Talking to friends or with family members in english will help a lot as well. Remember do not be shy at all because of the fact that if you are shy then you will never be able to develop what you want. The key is to be confident, believe in yourself and then practise reading and speaking as much as you can. For words you cannot understand try consulting a dictionary or someone who is good in english.
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You can improve your English vocabulary by studying a few words every day.
If you are able to learn 10 words per day, you should be able to build your vocabulary in no time.

When you study the vocabulary words, first you should write each word three to five times each. This not only helps you learn to remember the word, it also trains your hand to write it.
As you write the word over and over, say it aloud.
Think about the word as you are writing it.

Another helpful technique to learn vocabulary is to use flashcards.
Try making some small flashcards that you can keep in your pocket or in your purse.
You can then take these flashcards out and study them when you are waiting in long lines, waiting for an appointment, or any time and anywhere you have an opportunity to learn the words.

The key is to not cram more words than you think you can handle comfortably.
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Well,this question is very easy to be solved,for my point of view what is the most important tips you should absorb is speaking aloud,everytime you should try your best to find someone to communicate with each other in English,after 3month hard practise your english ability will be improved a lot,on the other hand,I would like to suggest you to take part in some examinations,which is a good way to push you to learn english.
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  To improve English Language please try my suggestions which consist of four principles which are:

  1. Learn English Language form your heart and full interest.

  2. Choose a high quality teacher of English Language

  3. Try to Speak English
  4. The last and the most important suggestion is to practice and more practice is necessary for learning English.

  So please try these steps ok.
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In my point of view, speaking in English Language frequently is necessary using better vocabulary and and appropriate sentence structure. Therefore, speakers will be able to boost their communication skills and enhance their english language proficiency. On the other hand,get yourself into a Cambridge classes in order to improve yourself in English Language.As a conclusion, if you want to speak well in English then change your attitude and your concept toward English Language.Later, you  may see the differences.
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As it being mentioned above, the more you read there more you move on. Trust me! Find some native forums and participate with conversations, read read and read, even though it's hard sometimes, get good self study grammar book for yourself and be practicing at list 3-4 times a week and one day you'll realise that you can use English at proficient level. Good luck
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The first thing that really helps achieve proficiency in English is how often you communicate in English with other people. The more you communicate, the more comfy you get with using English vocabulary and the more words you'll pick from people around you. Reading helps a lot! You can really expand your English vocabulary with reading without even making a conscious effort. The good thing about reading is that since you pick stuff that interests you, you don't have to make a great effort and at the same time it's not like you grab a dictionary everytime you come across an unfamiliar word. You can just guess the meaning of a word by the context in which it's used in the story. Do watch English programs on t.v and movies as well. They help you with vocabulary as well as getting the pronunciation right. Hope this will help you:).
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Well I think I will improve my english proficiency for reading english books, magazines any kind of english books that easily to comprehend
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Try to listen to as much English as possible. Watch English documentaries, programmes, movies etc and listen to English language in radio. Try to speak English in a manner which you hear it. You can also visit the website which will be of great help to you. Please note that I am not a native speaker of English.
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I truly agree with the suggestions given and the ability to communicate with native speakers will indicate your true confidence. It takes time and immense effort to improve your comunication skills.
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In today’s times, the fluency in English and pronunciation matters a lot to make a lasting impression. Therefore, good communication skills become a necessary factor to increase your employability factor and to boost your overall confidence.

Train your ears by listening to good English

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to improve your English, specially when you want to speak better is to listen to more and more fluent English in form of podcasts, TV shows, talk shows etc. This is a very effective method as studies have shown that listening a language is a very fast way to learn the same. As brain becomes used to hearing the words in a sequence, it starts picking them up and before you even realise, you will be speaking them in your day-to-day situations.

Form a habit of reading

The benefits of reading are endless. While listening to good english will help your pronunciation and fluency get better, reading will help you develop good vocabulary and good grammatical skills. Reading also helps in forming ideas and views about particular issues. This is very helpful during interviews and group discussions. Reading habits can be developed by starting from simpler reading materials like interesting novels and eventually lead to reading newspaper editorials and other similar informative readings.

For more details follow this link

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Practice is your everything. Try to read and listen more in English, and not to forget to reproduce everything in both oral and written forms. Here is the list of excellent learning practices , I highly recommend to check it. I would define the most significant statements:

  • Write as much as possible, you will see how your skills and vocabulary enrich every day.
  • Write in English right now, without translating your thoughts.
  • Start from simple sentences.
  • Get out of your comfort zone! Push yourself!
  • Talk in English a lot and don't be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Use different materials and sources: Books, brochures, adverts, songs, EVERYTHING!
Best of luck!

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Hello to everyone! I have a great experience in the sphere of learning languages because I learned it on my own, then I was looking for the best way of learning for my daughter and so on. To sum up my experience I should say that all the existing apps like and all the courses like are useful and gives a  nice base of a language in rather interesting form and that is great to use, but it is impossible to learn the language without the help of a tutor. Checking the responses I decided to hire a tutor on preply. You should understand why the teachers are working in schools and universities: It just saves time, because these people know how to learn you to learn. 

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I am arabic Man and I want to Improve my language, I found the best way is the way that the child use it in learning, just arabic to who speak english with clear way for 5 hours every day, after limitted period I think you will feel you have very good skill when you speak
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I enjoy English when I am being taught by someone. Telling me what to do. I miss school so much.
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