I Had Passed IELETS With 6 Band And The UK University Refused My Admission By Illustrating The Following Reasons: 1) No-English Proficiency. 2) Officer Said I Can't Improve English. 3) Why Did You Select This University? How Should I Write My Appeal To The University?


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You should write the following points in your appeal:

As the officer pointed out you have no English proficiency or you have no knowledge of English skills. You have to show a photo state or original copy of the necessary language knowledge certificate and a guarantee that you can improve it. As for as the 2nd objection of clearance officer that you can't improve your English by different language courses during stay in UK. This objection is very strange as we never heard the words like that. Sorry to say it is not the words of sound mind. One can improve any type of skill by hard work and concentration.

It is wrong to say that you have lack of knowledge and research into other colleges offering similar courses in the UK or else where. You have the necessary knowledge about the colleges in UK offering the similar courses. In fact Education standard of UK's educational institution are very high. Commonly the best institutions have the same type of qualities. You just select that college as they communicate very positively in response and have a course related to your interest. You can also provide personal emotional reason that this college is situated in London, for you London is always a city of rain & romance.
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Write to the Academic Registrator of the University and ask for your situation to be reassessed. If you don't get anywhere, write directly to the University's Visitor, this an official person who makes final decisions on all University business, for my University, this was the Queen of England, so I always felt in safe hands with her.

Nevertheless, you use the phrase 'refused my admission by illustrating the following reasons', that's pretty good English for anyone, most English people wouldn't use that level of English to describe something that happened.

Be very polite, state their reason and then right ONE paragraph with hard evidence for why they are wrong.

Express that this is very important to you. If they still do not agree, write to the Vice Chancellor of the University and see if you can make some waves, again, very polite and simply state the reasons.
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I don't know where are you from, but is good to check that .it might be kind of racism who knows its not strange in academic policies .....

Best wishes
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I have exactly the same score, and being  also rejected in Australia.The latest excuse was that I didn't meet the criteria for the  course, without stating what are these criteria.If anyone know how to appeal on such decisions?thanks a lot.
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