Anyone Please Show Me A Sample, How Should I Start Writing A Report On The Tour Granted By University?


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I feel immense pleasure in writing this report about the study tour of students to Lahore.
No one can deny the importance of co-curricular activities and especially in educational institutions, which it has, much more importance. These activities not only develop high confidence level and morale of the students but also strengthen the professional attitudes and character of the students. Among the co-curricular activities, study tours have a pivotal importance. It directly affects the development of students by giving them exposure and by improving their potentialities.

In University, besides excellent academics activities there is high emphasis given to these co-curricular activities.In order to give professional exposure and to improve the professional attitude, which is badly needed in business graduates, we planned to arrange a three-day study tour to Lahore.

The honourable Vice Chancellor has been very kind to provide his full support to us in connections with the arrangements of this tour.Detailed plan has been developed for the tour. During various meetings with the faculty members and students, various organizations were decided to be visited.
The following organization/institutions/places were decided to be visited.

Lahore Stock Exchange
Allied Bank of Pakistan (Training Academy)
Institutive of Administrative Sciences, University of Punjab
National College of Arts (NCA)
Wahga Border
Badshahi Mosque
Mazare-Iqbal etc.

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