I Would Like To Improve My Communication Skills Both Written And Verbal. I Very Much Want To Know The Required Steps To Improve My Communication?


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Nowadays, written and verbal communication with English as a medium are in demand since it is for commerce and IT. You can improve your communication skill by listening to english music and determine its values and meaning; by reading any english written materials aloud; and of course by using the english language in its formal and original structure.

You can have it tutored or self-study. depending on your level of interest.

always remember: IF THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY.

good luck!
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I find that there are two ways that really help with communication skills. Obviously it helps to practice a lot, but the key is to find the motivation and enthusiasm to do so. One way to gain a better understanding of language and communication itself is actually to try and learn a new language. You don't necessarily have to go buy textbooks and things like that, even trying to make friends with people from different countries will do the same thing. Understanding the social and cultural differences actually enhances your own native language skills. The other method is to develop interests outside your immediate comfort zone. It opens you up to a new horizon of people, knowledge and networks, forcing you to be able to communicate in many ways.
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Try journalling everyday.
Write fictional stories.
Make something up.
Make a journal about your experiences.
Learn a new word each day.
Try to apply in your daily writing or conversation.

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