Did American Indians Really Communicate By Smoke Signals?


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The answer to this is both yes and no ! American Indians did communicate by smoke signals, but only to give very brief messages. So if a battle had been won, or there was sickness or enemies approaching, then a signal would be given.
Conversations or long sentences were not communicated by smoke.
The smoke signal was created by putting damp grass on a fire. (Legend also has it that blankets were used, but this seems to be a myth created by Hollywood, rather than the truth). The damp grass would cause a column of smoke to rise. The grass could then be taken off and then a minute or so later, another bundle of grass could be placed on the fire. Two columns were usually all that was needed.
Reputedly the location of the smoke also conveyed a meaning, so if it came from half way up the hill, that could signify all was well, but from the top of the hill it would signify danger. Each tribe had their own signalling system and understanding. But they did not have conversations about the weather using smoke signals !
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Yes so did their cousins the Australian Aboriginal people they have found out that the American Indians have dna pointing to ancient Australia and ancient Asia they got dna from a full blooded fuegian Indian in South America and she showed to be descended from people known as American aboriginal people who crossed the ocean from Australia over 56,000 years ago  and amcient Asians that crossed a land bridge 12,000 years ago

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Yes in fact some Abariginies use

telepathy still to this day.

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