How Did The Bureau Of Indian Affairs Help The Native Americans Advance?


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There was no "advancement" needed. The US Army slaughtered many including hundreds at the massacre of Wounded Knee. After they broke the spirit of the tribes, they enslaved them under imperialistic policies involving reservations and welfare. They killed the food source, which was also a source of clothing and many other aspects of life.

Today under repressive BIA policies, the different tribes are in different situations. Those who continue to live under the rule of the BIA are living in utter poverty where the average income is around $3000 a year. The houses are far below modern building code standards and the average life expectancy is 44 years. They infant mortality rate is 300% higher than other groups in the US.

Where the BIA has been run off, the tribes have flourished. Some have casinos, while others have mineral wealth and forestry operations. These sources of income are being used to restore quality of life to the tribes.

The settlers forced their religion and way of life on the Natives as if they were somehow better or superior. This attitude is still present today and though sad, will never end. It comes from ignorance and hate. Life for the different tribes was far better before the "advancement" was forced on them by a farce of a government(which continues to be a farce today.)

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