How Can I Improve My Korean Vocabulary?


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There are a number of ways you can improve your Korean vocabulary, ranging from spending some time on the internet through to spending some time in Korea.
The best way to improve your vocabulary in any language is by getting as much practice as possible. Learning Korean can be quite challenging,but luckily there are a number of mediums you can use to achieve your goal.

Watching Korean dramas to improve your vocabulary

In Asia (and increasingly the rest of the world) Korea is best known for a phenomenon known as Hallyu which translates to something like 'drama fever'. This term relates to the number of highly-addictive Korean dramas being produced in the country, and which end up being broadcast across the globe.
These Korean dramas are a lot like western 'soap operas', and are a great way to pick up on some Korean vocabulary in its natural context. Winter Sonata is one example of a Korean drama you may want to check out, and watching them with subtitles might help whilst you're still brushing up.

Get involved in your local Korean scene

It may sound obvious, but just hanging out with some Korean people is a great source of vocabulary. There may be Korean societies or sports groups in your area - alternatively you may even want to consider taking on a job at a local Korean restaurant. There are often many Korean students studying abroad, and I find that they're always more than happy to help someone looking to learn Korean.

Book your tickets to Korea

One final suggestion would be to save up some money and book a holiday out to Korea! Nothing beats getting stuck in, and visiting Korea will give you unique access to real-life situations like buying things in shops, ordering in restaurants and conversing with chatty taxi drivers- all of which will definitely boost your vocabulary!
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There are several things that you can do to improve your Korean vocabulary. You must study the Korean vocabulary on a daily basis and you can do this by using flashcards or by writing each word five or ten times each. You should write both the Korean words and letters and the English words and letters. Since Korean has a different alphabet than English, you will want to constantly practice the new alphabet. There are also several computer programs that will help you learn the Korean vocabulary. Berlitz has some very good computer programs, CDs, tapes, and books that will help you learn and improve Korean vocabulary. In addition, there are also many websites that can help you to learn Korean. The website and online games are fun and interactive and are an excellent way to build and remember Korean vocabulary. If you can practice it with somone every day, you are more likely to learn it more fluently.
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I bought a CD and book to improve my Korean vocabulary at the book store in my local mall. Go to your mall and look in the bookstore there for Korean books and CD recordings.

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I've found KoreanClass101.comm very useful for learning Korean. But it's taken me a while to catch on that I need to take notes during each lesson... It's easy to just tune out when it's playing.

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