How Can I Improve My Grammar Quickly?


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We love metaphors to explain examples here are a few: I like to always reinforce more positive motivational words then using too many negative words which is abusive. Instead of constantly using words like don't' Won't Can't Shouldn't Never Not Bad. I like to find the exact opposite phrase that answer the exact same thing the opposite way.. Example: Instead of constantly saying NO THANK YOU.. I enjoy replying THANK YOU I'M ALL SET / THANK YOU I'M FINE.. Instead of saying DON'T DO THAT I would choose something like IT'S BETTER TO WAIT TO DO THAT or DOING THAT WILL CAUSE SUCH AND SUCH and so on.. That kind of thing.. Negative words can hurt people in the most subtle ways and cause them to age that almost NO ONE can spiritual sense except for an elite few people with more grace.. Constantly speaking so poorly using negative visuals with single words or phrases at high amounts constantly using them over and over and over like: CAN'T DON'T DO NOT WON'T NEVER HAPPEN is like punching someone in the face after a while toward that person that has to hear this crap over and over again. And this is rampant in our modern society and musicians.. Many women musicians for example in their complete stupidity begin an entire song with the first word DON'T.. It shows disgrace or that much poor in their intelligence and what low amount of intelligence has come to them in their adult age
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If you're working on a computer,say in Word,a good start would be to run the spelling and grammar check and always take a good look at the kind of mistakes you're making - are they plural forms? Incomplete sentences? What if you're not sure what you're doing wrong? In that case, the best thing is to find out some of the more typical errors and check your work for these.
The underlying problem with most incorrect grammar is people not really thinking about what words mean. So you get a sentence like "Your my best friend"; if the writer thought about it ,they would know that couldn't be right because "your" means "belonging to you" as in "your jacket." It has to be "you're" as in "you are." You can avoid a lot of errors if you always ask yourself, "What does this really mean?"
There's an amusing list of "errors that make you look at stupid" at
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