How Can I Improve My Arabic Vocabulary?


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From someone who has spent some time learning Arabic, let me tell you it's not easy.

There is much debate among linguists about the best ways to learn a language and improve vocabulary, and in my opinion nothing beats immersing yourself in the language by living in an Arabic-speaking country.

How to improve my Arabic vocabulary
Immersing yourself in the language, traditions and customs of a foreign country is not only the best way to learn the language, but can also be an experience that will develop your awareness of a culture.

Learning a language abroad has also been proven to be the most effective way to develop vocabulary and improve both listen and speaking skills.

The greatest advantage it has over learning at home is that you have the chance to pick up on common colloquialisms that may not be present in a more formal learning environment.

Many tour operators organise language-learning holidays in destinations right across the world, and Arabic speaking destinations I'd recommend include:

  • Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
  • Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Hurghada, Egypt

Better Arabic vocabulary (without travelling abroad)

If you're not so keen on racking up the air miles and travelling to a country, the second best thing you could do is to get involved in the local Arabic-speaking community.

Most large cities have an Arab community these days, so I'd suggest going out there and getting to know some Arabic-speakers.

Fluent Arabic speakers will give you far more insight into vocabulary than any book will be able to, and there are usually people willing to spend time teaching you Arabic in exchange for your time helping them learn English.

One final option would be to use the technology of the internet. With video messaging services like Skype, communicating with people from all over the world is very possible.

Even spending 15-20 minutes a day chatting with someone via a webcam will help you pick up great Arabic vocabulary and pronunciation.
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Just like learning any new language, there are several options available to you in improving your Arabic vocabulary.

Attending regular classes at adult education, college or university will have an immediate effect on your vocabulary.

You could also consider living in an area where Arabic is spoken regularly, whether that is in your own country or in an Arabic speaking nation.

This is a major change but will obviously help you to have a much more meaningful understanding of the culture and thus the way that language forms part of daily life for an Arabic speaker.

There are often quite good children's picture books in another language, some even have cue cards with the English on one side and the other language on the reverse.

A simple way of building your vocabulary is to study up on some words, and put post-it notes around the place where you live that will you will see often, and it will help enter your memory.
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Mhmad Saidam , computer and mobiles expert., answered


I am an Arabic man.
I think you can improve your arabic languge from listening and reading.

you can learn arabic latters firstly, then you can read other arab sites that publish it posts with the official arabic language as:

BBC Arabia, Sky News Arabia and Watania News Agency

these sites will benefit you a lot.

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