How to i improve my english vocabulary? So that i could use a couple of cooler and big new plz?


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There are many ways that you could improve your vocabulary and a lot of scope for introducing new and trendy words into your day to day language.

  • English as your first language
  • Reading
If English is your mother tongue, then reading is a brilliant way to extend your vocabulary. Books use all kinds of words depending on the writing style and so can vary and add to your speech quite rapidly. Read books suited to your age range but choose more advanced writing styles.

  • Dictionary
Alternatively, you could have a quick flick through a dictionary (there are also plenty of online dictionaries if you do not have a paper one). If you say certain words a lot, you could look these up in a thesaurus to see if there are any other words you could use in its place.

  • Slang
If you mean actual trendy, new words to impress your friends then you could check out websites like This website has hundreds of weird and wacky new words with their meanings.

  • If English is not your first language
  • Vocabulary
Learning new words can be difficult if English isn't your first language as you tend to be told the same ones over and over again. Usually these are pretty basic and often pointless words such as pencil and guinea pig; there are however, many websites that could help you.

  • Translation
Google translate is a brilliant site; you can put in a word in your own language and translate it to English, this way you can learn and say anything you like. This website will also give you an example of how the word should sound when spoken which is really helpful. The website for this is
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Ostentatious- showy
Assent-to agree(noun-agreement)[ant. Dissent]
-those are just some off the top of my head,hope this helped :)

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