How can I improve my grades?


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By Studing

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that's great to hear , some people may get bad grades but really the only reason is that they don't TRY , they don't have goals in life or they don't aim high , I think we should all aim high because at least we are still doing something , some people get the job they've always dreamed of but then they find something else they love , theres so much you can do in order to improve your grades, fine something your passionate in , find a good learning skill in order to learn , be patient with study , things may seem hard but getting to the questions and how to solve it is important , you need to firstly catch up , if you aren't much of a 'good' report person then maybe aim for something small first like example aim for a b? , getting good grades doesn't come from lazing around and doing nothing we need to get buckled up seek help maybe like tutoring asking parents for academic help etc. Get in the game , it may seem like a slow and hard start but then whats better then knowing what your posed to know eg. Algebra when everyone else is then that's when you can aim even higher , strive for the best most importantly although its all about doing great in academic IMPORTANT subjects like math English science... Etc. Which i also think is important but i also think doing something you are passionate about will cause you to want to do well in that subject/field in my case drama i love acting so i try to do better each time . So aim higher everytime you get past some obstacle it could be academically anything but it takes patience and trying hard to get these good grades :) good luck

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