What Are Some Examples Of Vocabulary Words?


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Give me the example of vocabulary?
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You should perhaps try to get an excellent dictionary, not a little pocket one, but a good thick one:

Here are some words that you can use to develop your

unremitting - ceaseless - unremitting loyalty to his job
fealty -- meaning loyalty - unremitting fealty to his King
metier - job or work - unremitting loyalty to his metier

renders - means to cause to become - he renders his boy a jiggling wreck with his tickling.

perspicuous - lucid, clear - My teacher always uses perspicuous language when teaching the class.

metacognition - thinking about thinking or learning to learn

vex - to irritate or annoy - don't vex me with your silly questions.

cerebration - thinking or thought

ruminative - meditative or contemplative

verity - the truth

verisimilitude - the appearance of the truth, (but not necessarily the truth!)

qua - in the capacity of - His friend qua his father.

roue - a lecherous man

in absentia - absent (in absence)

eke - to make a living with great strain
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I am not sure what vocabulary words you need, but you could look in the dictionary on line, Webster's for example. The new Oxford dictionary due out in 2020, will contain a million English Words, so you can imagine how many you need.
The average first language speaker of English uses about 15, 000 words.
I suggest you call up on online dictionary, and then look up the words relating to the subject you want.
You could also put in the words "the hundred most common words in the English language" to your search engine like Google, that will be a good start for you, along with all the words in this answer.
There are many resources both online and in your library.

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