What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses In Writing?


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All people have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing.

• Grammar and spelling

Grammar and spelling are the most common weaknesses in most people's writing, in that the wrong punctuation is used at the wrong time. People use the wrong noun or verb at certain times, and spelling is often incorrect. When reading a piece of writing, that somebody who is strong at grammar and spelling has written, it is easier to digest, as the commas will be in the correct place, enabling the pauses to occur naturally when reading the piece.

• Handwriting

Some people have strong handwriting, and it is true that reading can help with the quality of handwriting, as it can with spelling. There is less emphasis on handwriting now with the popularity of computers, but it still important that people are able to write legibly, and signatures are still a valid form of identification in most countries.

• Ideas

Writing a good piece of work requires a certain amount of concentration, and people who have better concentration often produce a decent piece of work. This is because ideas flow more readily when the concentration levels are high. People should write at certain times of the day, when their concentration is at its peak. Some people find it easier to concentrate in the morning, whilst some find it easier to put things down onto paper in the evening.

• Organization

A strength that is really useful when it comes to writing is the ability to organize before writing begins. Having an idea of what is needed can also help, as the ideas are likely to flow more freely if this is the case. Weak writers often run out of ideas very early on in a piece.
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My strengths in writing is having a feel for what I am writing about. Another is my vocabulary and organizing the paragraphs.
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I think that my strengths in writing are grammar and vocabulary, while weaknesses are creativeness and poor organization.

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