What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses In Writing? What Strategies Did You Learn About To Help Overcome Writing Barriers?


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This sounds like a practice exam question meaning it is difficult to answer as it will depend greatly on your actual strengths and individual writing style. It will be easier to give some examples of typical strengths and weaknesses in writing and for you to decide which ones you feel relate to your writing.

Strengths could include; good use of punctuation, correct spelling and grammar, descriptive writing style, direct and precise phrasing, clarity and eloquence with flowing sentences, ability to make compelling reading, ability to captivate the reader and ability to create structure. You could also mention that you feel you are able to bring personality and inject a sense of who you are into your writing, whilst maintaining the interest of the reader.

In terms of weaknesses, the same list as the strengths should be assessed. If you feel you lack in any of the above areas, put this as a weakness. When listing weaknesses try and assess them in terms of a potential strength; for example you could say that you like to use less common words, making your writing seem fussy, however you feel this helps to inject personality into your work and will set it apart from other pieces. Other weaknesses which could be used include; difficulty in coming up with an exciting opening; abrupt endings; often deviating from the actual point; including too much waffle or using a complicated structure.

Whichever strengths and weaknesses you chose to write about, make sure you back up what you have said by using examples from your writing and draw on your specific strengths. Don't just brush over weaknesses as it is important that you can see where you are lacking - instead suggest how you could improve on them.
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My strengths is my vocabulary. I have good grammar. My weakness is my sentence structure keeping my paper organized. I have trouble putting my paragraph and sentences in the correct place.
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My strengths are coming up with two ideas everyday. My weakness is writing two pages then getting bored. I usually just talked to my best friend, Niamh. She loves writing as well, and always helps with the ideas. Sometimes, I just switch off the computer and leave it for a couple days; and then when I come back to it, I can write a couple pages with fresh ideas and no boredom. But only for a few pages.

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