What Kinds Of Presentation Have You Made ? Can You Give Me Some Examples? How Many Presentations Do You Make A Year?


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As a historian, I tend to give at least 3 or 4 conference presentations each year, at scholarly symposiums and at colloquiums. These lectures generally involve presenting the findings of historical research, or presenting my research essays. Most of these tend to be approximately 20 minutes in length, while an additional 5 to 10 minutes are allocated for questions, or for follow-up. Some of my more recent presentations have explored topics such as the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and its impact on Canadian immigration policy, the reception of Hungarians by Canadians during the 1950s, twentieth century church history, as well as research related to the history of the ethnic press in Canada.

I also recently gave a 2 hour long university presentation in French on the history of Eastern Europe in the twentieth century. I used Power Point for this presentation, as I had more than 40 visuals (including charts, graphs and other images) to present to my audience. Since the presentation was so long, I divided it into two parts--with each section being about 55 minutes and with a short break in the middle. This presentation was part of the university's continuing education program, where they call in guest speakers to give lectures in a variety of fields.
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Few days back my boss advised me to arrange a meeting with a foreign business group consisting of twenty five members' including president and higher officials of the company. In my office we have two conference rooms. One has a capacity of one hundred persons as audience and the second has the capacity of fifty persons in formal business setting.

Before I tell you please remember to keep these points in mind.

Always limit your main points. Do not extend them because in this way your impression will not good be in the eyes of the audience.
Make your main idea stand out. Do not add less focus points.
Always use effective opening and closing. Involve your audience and make them ready that they focus on you. So closing will also be like that to sum up your point by revising.


First there was a welcome speech by my boss.
Then we presented the formal business structure of organization including the history and business our company, in brief.
Then the detailed introduction was given of our whole product line.
Specific and professional products which match the requirements of customer, emphasizing on competitive edge that enjoy over other companies we focus it a lot.
Cost benefit analysis for different products, we offered to the group.
Then we briefly discussed the product plan.
After that there was a discussion session.
We often have three to four presentations in a year.

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