Can You Give A Simple Example For Present Perfect Tense,Past Perfect Tense, Future Perfect Tense:?


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Walk      walks      walked      will/shall      walk
ride   rides   rode   will/shall   ride
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Present tense is event happening currently and now. There are four phases of each part of Speech. Some examples are :-

Present Simple Tense: He goes to school.
Present Perfect Tense: Jessy has gone to school.
Present Continuous Tense: Jessy is going to school.
Present Perfect Continuous: Jessy has been going to school.

Past Tense likewise is an event that has happened prior to the present and is now a part of the past. Some examples are:

Past Simple: Jacob went to school.
Past Perfect: Jacob had gone to school.
Past Continuous Tense: Jacob was going to school.
Past Perfect Continuous: Jacob had been going to school.

Future tense describes an event that is about to happen in the future and has not come to be realized yet:

Future Simple: He will go to school.
Future Perfect: Jenny will have to school.
Future Continuous: Jenny will be going to school.
Future Perfect Continuous: Jenny will have been going to school.
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Example : The word WALK, present perfect : I HAVE WALKED for 2 hours, past perfect : I HAD WALKED before went to her house. Future perfect : I 'll HAVE WALKED to your house when you 'll arrive.

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