What Are Some Examples Of The Present Tense?


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We use the present tense to talk about something that’s happening right now.

Where grammar is concerned, the tense of a verb denotes whether the action is happening in the past, present, or future.

Examples of the Present Tense (Simple)
The present simple is used to talk about things that are facts, or things that happen as part of a routine.

  • “I wake up at seven every day.”
  • “The Earth is round.”
  • “Peter is scared of wasps.”

Examples of the Present Tense (Continuous)

The present continuous is used to describe things that are actually happening as you speak.

  • “I’m walking to the train station now.”
  • “Harriet is running late.”
  • “Sarah and her boyfriend are fighting again.”
There are several different types of present tense, but these two are the most commonly used.
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Present tense is something happening now. For example, " I am typing a paper at the moment."
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  • "They are walking."
  • "He is talking during the class discussion."

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