What Is The Fastest Growing Language?


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English then Spanish
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Spanish followed by german and italian,maybe even klingon
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Spanish has become the fastest-growing language in the 2021 year. The widespread reach of the Spanish language across Europe and the Americas has made it achieve the No.1 position in languages. With over 470 million native speakers and a growing number of non-native speakers, it is the most commonly spoken language in the world.

It is also easy to learn Spanish unlike French, German, Chinese, etc. English is also considered the most spoken language. If someone wants to learn Spanish grammar quickly and looking for the best Spanish book then must buy Spanish Grammar Book by The Olivia & Hill Press. I must say it is the best book.

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The most commonly spoken language in the world is Cantonese, followed by Engliah. Spanish comes some way after that
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There are two fastest growing languages in my opinion. 1- English 2-Arabic

English is the international business, trade, manufacturing and learning language of the world

Arabic is also very famous and fast growing language. It is spoken in Middle East and by many Muslims of the world.
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Anyone here study language? The answer is Mandarin Chinese. In comparison to English it is a simple language to learn with grammar structures suited to learners. Yes, for non character based background second language learners, it may be difficult to read and write, but there are similarities that remain that ease the pain.

As the dominant force on the planet now and into the future, it makes sense to learn Chinese as a second language. I choose Japanese as it interests me more however.
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Spanish is the fastest growing language, then it's English.
Just cause lots of people speak Mandarin and Arabic, does not mean that they're "fast growing" languages.
Spanish is taking over, because it's fairly easy to learn, it's a classical language evolved from latin, it's practical, and it doesn't sound like gibberish.
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I guess that the fastest growing language is the language you were raised to speak, but one of the common languages spoken is English, Spanish.
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Mandarin is the World's Fastest Growing Language Follow by Spanish... By the years 2020 & 2050 Spanish will take over.... I think is because its much easier to learn than Chinese.

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