How Can I Feel Kaduna Polytechnic Admission Form Online?


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Simply go the link:, it will take you to the "home page" on the home page click on online admission it will also take you to another home page you will find two section (a) and the (b) the (b) at the right hand, it has two square where you can select your choice of course then click on "click here to apply for admission" so it will take you to the Application form for Admission where you an fill in your details that is (section 1) of (4) below it is where you can make use of your scratch card when filling you will be ask 1st & 2nd scratch card just fill in the 1st scratch card option and omit the last zero of the pin number. On the below click on continue it will take you to the section 2 of 4 continue like that like that.
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