How Do You Think Slavery Influenced The Evolution Of Both Black And White America Today? Explain Your Answer.


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Slavery has influenced and changed many parts of the world and this is shown in American culture.

There are many parts of American society that have evolved since the abolishment of slavery. Equal rights between races is the greatest achievement that has come from slavery. This is also considered as one of the greatest achievements of American society.

  • White America
Acceptance of others has helped to evolve white America today and make the citizens more open minded and understanding of different cultures and races. This evolution and continued education of white Americans has made the country a better place and made the people more accepted by people from all corners of the globe.

This has, in turn, advantaged the American economy and also ensured that the country is viewed as an accepting country that does not discriminate on the grounds of race and culture.

  • Black America
America has been thought of as 'the land of the free' although this has not always been the case for black people living in the country. Many black people living in America will have their roots in slavery and many of their ancestors will have been slaves in the country. Although this has now changed, without the background in slavery, there may have been less of an argument to eradicate both slavery and the race barrier in the United States of America.

  • America as a whole
Slavery has influenced the evolution of many parts of America, what the country stands for and how it has changed.
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Some learned from the past. Some people learned that slavery is mistreatment to people. That it is not just certain colors who are mistreated. But it could be anyone, like natives in catholic schools, the holocaust, Older siblings, Authoritarian parents, Pig farmers to their pigs and fishermen to their worms. That everyone is a person who deserves to be treated equally.
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For a perspective on the effects of slavery on black Americans today, you could take a look at this articlewhich sets out the case for reparation. It doesn't answer all your question, but it's a start and was the most relevant thing I could find.

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