How Do You Think Slavery Influenced The Evolution Of Both Black And White Americans Today?


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You could use the current election contest as an example of this. Of course race can be an election issue in lots of countries, but if you look at the very clear way the Democratic nomination is splitting on race lines - notably in South Carolina - that is surely a legacy of slavery, and a feeling that inequalities/ enmities today can largely be traced back to it.
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For most blacks slavery left a mental scar on them, even those that were not in slavery, as far as the white race is concern some don't understand the type of effect something like that can have on a person, because they just see it as I was not back there I did not own any slaves, so let it go, so I guess that is the same way some feel about the holocaust, one has to have compassion, neither one of those periods in history was anything short of murder, you get locked up for mistreating a animal and in both cases these were humans.....the best to you
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It changed both races from good to bad in a sense. We were able to overcome the ignorant actions of those slave owners

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