What Does A Finished Science Board Look Like?


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Heres how you do it. First, there is a tri-fold board in almost every supply store. Staples has them, and office max.

It's best if you have some colored paper to border a white paper.

Here's what you put on the board. First, you have to have a problem. Does books float? Which bread molds the fastest? Which popcorn pops the fastest? All these simple everyday questions can be the start of the first prize project! Word it so that it's longer then what I wrote.

Next, from that problem, create a title. Floating Pages, Moldy Food, Popping Competition, something original that will catch a person's attention.

A hypothesis is important. A hypothesis is a scientific guess of the result of an experiment. Like, I think that books sink, or bread with water will grow mold faster, or that carnival popcorn pop the fastest. This is your guess, and stretch it out.

Materials shows what you needed to do the experiments, and Procedure shows the steps that you did to do the experiments. Start the projects early.

It's important to keep notes, and one way to show notes are data graph. Create a table and show that you kept notes on the experiment's progress. Make it big just in case you don't have much to fill the board.

Results are something that you absolutely need. Results shows what happened at the end. The books floated, and my hypothesis was wrong. The food was moldier on water, I was correct. The Brandy's brand of popcorn popped the fastest by three minutes. My hypothesis was wrong.

Depending on you school and how mean your teacher is, you will probably need most of the notes I typed for you. Have fun with the project, start it as early as possible, get all your materials in time, or do a simple experiment that will be finished in one day at least if nessacery. Typing it makes the project neater, and a colored title will help. Make it organize, and plan it ahead of time.

Good luck, and now I have to do my science project. I'm doing it on mold.
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Well you have to have your question,research plan and bibliography, variables and hypothesis, materials and procedures,conducting the experiment,data analysis and graphs, conclusions,  and a display board. But if you are in the upper grades I think 7 th you have to have topic selection wizard ,research paper,and a final report.

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