How Old Are You If You Were Born In 1972?


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You'd be 39(Next year, 2012, you'd turn 40)
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My mom was born dec. 27, 1972. So she is 42.

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Helen Taing
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43 years.
Kk polly
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Sorry, you're wrong. my mom and I have the same birthday. I don't get these things wrong. I know because last year I was 14 and she was 41 and we were talking about how our numbers were similar. Now I'm 15 and she 42!
Kk polly
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As of right now anyhow. It's not December yet
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Helen Taing answered

43 years.

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Kk polly
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Only if you were born before April 1972. Why'd you correct my answer? I said my mom's birthday is in December. It's not December yet!
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Ummm!! 43 depending on your birth month..

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37 depending on the date during the year ( 2009 )

for example : 2009 minus 1972 = "37"

"37" would only be based on anyone that is born on this same date ( "October 5th" ) in 1972, forward.  Anyone who has a birthday this year ( tomorrow, for example ), would not be 37 yet, if they were born in 1972, because of the date being what it is today ( October 5th ).
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Generally speaking, around 37 but it depends on what month the person was born. 

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