Are you happy with the year you were born in?


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There was a major tragedy the year I was born. I was born on the same month and day as John F.Kennedy. And also born in the same year of his assassination. So I'm happy I was born but not happy with some events even though I don't remember them. 

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Aldrich Ames answered

1997, yes.

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I have four 6's in my birthdate . . What's not to be happy with.

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The only thing I remember about that year is .. I couldn't talk very well, had incontinence (was so embarrassing)  .. And towards the end of that year I kept falling down a lot for some reason .. Must a been because used to drink a lot back then. I don't remember the brand of my fav beverage but it was a white liquid and came in a clear glass bottle.

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Virginia Lou
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Well Bikergirl, you have made an AMAZING recovery, and I am so glad for that, and you are here now to tell us about it...!
Bikergirl Anonymous
Well .. funny thing is now that I am in the autumn of 'middle age' with 'old age' peeking around the corner .. and wouldn't you know it I will soon be back where I started!
Virginia Lou
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Well, the mystery of Time is Circular, I am thinking you are enjoying quite a spectacular ride!
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I'm going to say yes, because I don't remember it.

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Hmm. I think there may have been better years.

I was born in the year that Japan invaded China, the Hindenberg blew up, and Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific.

As a consequence to my birth, Britain introduced the emergency telephone number 999 that year (31 years before the US introduced it's 911 number in 1968).

It wasn't a bad year for Yankees because they beat the Giants 4-1 in the World Series;  Don Budge won Wimbledon; and War Admiral took the Kentucky Derby.

It wasn't a bad year for San Francisco, either. That's the year the Golden Gate Bridge was opened.

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Tom  Jackson
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You gave me a chuckle, Virginia0
Virginia Lou
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Yes, I was thinking of you TJ, this was a day of great delight when I learned "And if by whisky," and I have it bookmarked and in my special Ask file, and everything else!
Didge Doo
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I hadn't heard of it either, Tom. Appreciated.
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Megan and Roy Roy are two of our greatest askers!

Yes, my year October 1944...the world reeling in the most horrific war ever, and by then it was becoming clear that the Allies just MIGHT prevail ...I was raised by The Greatest Generation.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I was born in 1990. It makes it very easy for other people to figure out my age when they card me. Not to mention Tom and Jerry and Looney Toons were on the air! Woot woot!

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Yes. My birth year is in between Otis's and Mountain Man's. I can't complain with being born then. There was political turmoil in my early years. Assassinations, Protests for civil rights or against the Vietnam War. Even though I was aware they were happening, I didn't understand the magnitude. But in my teen years things had calmed down and it was probably one of the more carefree eras in the nation's history. The 70's had great music, and even though we didn't have much money, I had great fun. There was no need to have expensive gadgets.

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It would have been cool to have been born in 2000 because my age would be the same as the year (minus 2000), and I would have my driver's license now.

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Yeah, 1947 is a pretty good year .... WWII over and lots of us celebratory babies :)  I just wish I could afford a bottle of wine from that year.  LOL

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