What's The Name Of A Flower That Starts With The Letter U?


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There are two main plants in the plant kingdom that begin with the letter U. These two plants are the Umbrella Plant and the Umbrella Plant.

The Urn Planet is also known as the Silver Vase plant or the Aechmea Fasciata and is a common plant in many households. The Urn Plant can reach between one and three feet in height and up to two feet in width, although it tends to grow rather slowly. It has oval shaped leaves that can vary in length from 18 to 36 inches long and these leaves are arranged in a basal rosette pattern which gives it the urn-like appearance from which the name is derived. The oval shape can also cause pools of water to gather, where scale insects and mosquitos like to breed.

If you own an Urn Plant then you must make sure that it is placed in a well drained soil type but one that also retains moisture and it must also be placed in a partially shady place. It is also possible to grow this plant epiphytically which means grown with moss around its roots and attached to rough bark by wire. There are no major pests that you need to be aware of with this plant although root rot may cause problems if the soil is too wet.

There are several plant types that have the common nickname of Umbrella Plant. One of these is the Cyperua Alternifolius which is a grass like plant that is native to Madagascar but can also be found worldwide.

Another one is the Darmera which produces flowers in the late spring before the leaves which resemble inside-out umbrellas. The leaves will turn a stunning red color in the Autumn months.

The podophyllum peltatum is another type of plant with the nickname Umbrella Plant which grows two or occasionally three leave that hang downwards giving the plant the apperance of an umbrella.

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