What Is 9/100 In The Simplest Fraction?


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9/100 is already in simplest form.
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9/100 in percent form is just,

(9/100) * 100 = 9 %

Answer is 9% ^^
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9/100 *is* a simple fraction.

It could also be expressed as 9%, but that wouldn't be a "simple fraction".

Or as 90/1000 which isn't a simple fraction
or as 18/200 which isn't a simple fraction
or as 27/300 which isn't a simple fraction
or as 4.5/50 or as .9/10
.9/10 as spoken "point nine tenths" would be confusing
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9/100 or 0.09
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I'm pretty sure that if you look at it this way, you will understand, 9/100 is NOT in simplest form, So look at it this way, 100-

and since 10 is the final answer, The answer is, 9/10. This is a simple way to do this. But it ONLY works when your using 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 and then the thousands!
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Okay not to be rude but if this is your homework you should try to do this on your own because if you keep getting help from blurtit, 9 times out of 10, blurtit wont be there when you are taking a test.

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