Is Gnomon School Of VFX Any Good?


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Gnomon School of Visual Effects is a well-known VFX school, based in Los Angeles, California.
There are a number of reasons why I think it makes a great school, although there are also a few drawbacks too.

Is Gnomon worth it?
That's the question that most potential students ask themselves - and for good reason! Gnomon is one of the most expensive schools by far in the field of visual effects.

Gnomon specializes in courses of 3-D computer graphics and visual effects and, although it can be considered a new entrant in the field, it has established itself very well.

The art of VFX is not that difficult to learn, although - to make it a good career - you need to be both creative and artistic (which I assume you already are).

Would I recommend Gnomon School of Visual Effects?
Personally, I would suggest you go for the course! Although it is expensive, it will pay for itself once you land your dream job. Good animators can earn around $2000-4000 per week.

Also, in terms of geography, you're unlikely to find a course as excitingly high-profile as one based in Hollywood, California.

My opinion is that a VFX course is only as good as the show-reels its students produce - and, based on the content coming out of Gnomon, it's definitely worth the course fees!

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I wouldn't recommend the certificate program. I went through it with many frustrations over classes that were unnecessary. I would say that half the classes assigned are pointless. Gnomon has great classes. I would recommend just taking the ones relating to what you want to do.
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I think its a fantastic program and I am currently in my third term. Itcontinues to evolve as the school begins to settle in (it's still a relatively young school). There are some classes that can be frustrating, because the level of quality varies on the instructor, and yes it is expensive. But I have seen my work continue to evolve in fantastic ways considering I never touched 3d before Gnomon. I even got an internship thanks to a teacher there, so the benefits certainly outweigh the costs
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You may find some stories about it at this site mate.

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