I'm dropping out of school and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good soup kitchens and comfy parks near Sydney?


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It's not a good idea to drop out of school, and sleep in parks and live out of soup kitchens, but there are a lot of parks and soup kitchens in Sydney, so I am sure as you stumble down the road with your meth'o in your shaking hand, you will come across a few.
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I am so sorry to hear that you are dropping out of your school in New South Wales. If the Australian NSW Teaching Departments had more government funds at their disposal they would be able to build their schools more safely.
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There are a few in Sydney,not only do they give out soup but a crusty Cob to kneck it down with,and at night they provide hot chocolate+doughnuts,I am sure a fellow dropouts will show you were the best cozy parks are,
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Kiara Harris
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LOL i am not dropping out to be a failure...i am going on with a different course of study...my friend posted this lol
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Why do you think dropping out of school (I presume high school)?  I dropped out of high school at the end of my 10th year and went on my required active duty with the Navy. When I came home two years later I floundered around not accomplishing anything. My Supervisor told my parents to get me in school and get a degree. Because I had served in the military and was also over 21 by this time I was allowed to enter university for one semester. If I had a 2.0 GPA at the end of the semester I could remain. It was a long hard pull but I finally was graduated making Dean's list five times. What was my degree in?  I became a teacher! I spent over 16 years in the classroom as a teacher. I became the very thing I hated only now I loved it!  Don't drop out of school it is not the smartest move you could make. Stick with it, it will make things much easier for you as time goes by. You may not see it today but 5years, 10 years down the road will will be glad you stuck it out and received your diploma. It will open doors for you. To this day I still do not have a high school diploma or a GED (general education diploma) but I do have a bachelor of science degree in secondary education. I also have an associates degree in aircraft maintenance. These degrees are no longer available without a high school diploma. THINK of your future not the here and now!
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Kiara Harris
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THAT is you...I am me and am very determined to achieve well. I am doing a mental health course and then redo year 11 and 12 later to the best of my ability...my end goal is to become a psychologist and i know me and i will get there...
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I hope you do...I did it the hard way and if you have enough determination you will make it as well...It is just easier with a high school diploma in hand.
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True true

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